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"IT Managed Services..." it helped our business save money...


Gleadell Agriculture Ltd in Microsoft's Cloud
...In the five years that I have worked at Gleadell Agriculture Ltd the company has almost doubled in size and is continuing to grow. With this in mind, last year we started to look at how best to reorganise the IT strategy to cope with the growth and to enable flexibility in our options going forward...



Discover how Northern Star can help you.
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Discover how Northern Star can help you.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Northern Star?

    We are a growing and dynamic Managed Service Provider (MSP) providing organisations with value for money and reliable technology solutions as well as best practice IT Support. Since 1998, we have helping businesses of all sizes perform at their best by providing professional IT support.

  • What services does Northern Star provide?

    Our core business centres on the provision of high quality IT Support using revolutionary technology, we have specialists in Server, PC and Network Support are a Microsoft Silver Partner and a Microsoft Cloud Champion Partner as well as holding qualifications in other technologies such as Cisco, Avaya, Trend, Sonicwall, Symantec and VMware. While you are here, why not check out our popular Cloud Computing Tips or How secure is your password articles?

  • Can you give us an idea of your service charges?

    IT Support costs generally vary depending on your requirements and the range of solutions you are looking for. To give you an idea, Fixed Computer Support which offers you a fixed monthly fee contract service starts from £6.00 per month.

  • What is unique about Northern Star's IT Support Services?

    We are accustomed to working very closely with our clients such that we become the IT Department or IT Team that is relied upon to ensure continuity of service of critical systems, value for money and best practice IT. In our experience, this approach brings significant benefits to our customers enabling them concentrate on their core business and in many cases reduce their costs by Outsourcing IT to us. Find out more about common IT problems small businesses face and benefits of having professional IT support for business here.

  • How can my business save money and time with Northern Star?


    Technological advancements have made the workplace and our lives easier. However, they have also increased the cost incurred by businesses - Providing training to employees on the latest technologies, keeping your computers up-to-date and adding security software increases IT costs. So, what’s the solution?

    If you’re a medium or large business, Northern Star can help you save time, resources and help keep your organisation operating efficiently via a solid and robust IT infrastructure for your business.

    Lets take a closer look at how Northern Star can help:

    Streamlines Operations and Reduces Timeline

    Northern Star helps you to streamline your IT operations and ensures computer and network systems function efficiently. In an increasingly competitive business world, your success depends on your ability to use right resources that can perform at the pace of change. Through strategic planning, Northern Star helps optimise resources to accomplish business tasks and achieve higher level of performance, whilst reducing the cost.  It helps achieve your business goals by addressing critical gaps in your workforce. It offers IT staffing solutions to complement your in-house skills and capabilities that help you attain your targets on time and within budget.

    Reduce the Burden of  Internal Support Staff and Free Resources for More Strategic Tasks

    Northern Star relieves you from the trouble of managing complex IT problems. We take care of managing your entire computer network, so you don’t need to spend your time or resources in managing and coordinating IT tasks. We create maintenance solutions to resolve your specific challenges as quickly as possible. As it helps reduce the burden of your internal support staff, they can focus on core business tasks.

    On Demand Service Helps Reduce Costs

    Our 24/7 on-demand support service can help you get access to a responsive, flexible and comprehensive IT department at a fraction of the cost of you having to maintain the team internally. You can get access to complete network support from remote and onsite experienced engineers, as and when the need arises. A professional IT support service provider understands that response times are crucial when any technological issues arise.

    Minimize Downtime

    Unexpected downtime or any issue on your computer or network system can affect your ability to run the business. Downtime can lead to lost productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction. Northern Star monitors your IT environment 24/7 to avoid disruptions and downtime. If any issues arise, our response is instant and we aim to troubleshoot technical issues whilst eliminating/reducing downtime.

    Improve Reliability, Security and Performance

    With proper infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, technology can provide you with increased reliability, security and performance and help grow your business. Many businesses struggle with growth without a proper IT support system and network in place. Northern Star works with you in alignment with your own business goals and ensures that you use the right technology that will allow you to reduce time and help you to succeed.

  • What are the benefits of using Northern Star?

    Few things in your business can cause you the level of disruption that your work computer not working or a network failure can. Computer or network downtime affects productivity, increases your overhead costs and can cause you to lose customer satisfaction and ultimately, revenues. This is especially true, if your business relies upon making heavy use of Information Technology to get things done.

    Getting professional IT support can prove invaluable for businesses, especially medium and larger ones. A professional IT support company lends you a hand in strategic planning of your IT needs. It understands your unique technology needs and provides services that cater to your business’ goals and growth. Northern Star’s services are designed with this very goal in mind and to help you keep your computer or network system running smoothly and securely.

    Some of the benefits of using Northern Star Benefits of Using a Professional IT Support Company

    • Strategic IT Planning

    No matter what the size of your business, using a professional IT support company can help you in strategic planning based on your business’ specific IT needs. Northern Star has a team of dedicated planners that work with your team to assess your exact IT needs and develop a business-driven strategic IT plan.

    • Professional and Experienced IT Managers Work With You

    Northern Star has a team of well trained, experienced IT staff that have all the essential tools and applications to maintain, manage and support your IT infrastructure.

    • Computer and System Monitoring

    Northern Star understands that the best strategic IT plans may reduce problems, but cannot eliminate them. Hence, it maintains an IT response team that offers 24/7 server, network and desktop monitoring services and live support. The IT response team addresses any IT issues that may arise and aims to tackle issues before they become apparent or develop.

    • Time Savings

    While you work on growing your business, you may not have time to focus on how IT works. Northern Star does for you what it does best, leaving you with the time and resources to focus on growing your business.

    • Less Downtime

    In today’s competitive business environment, uptime is vitally important. Downtime costs you money, decreases your brand value and can dent your business growth, no matter what type of business you’re in. This is perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why companies across London and beyond choose Northern Star. Our team of certified technical professionals in the IT support industry proactively resolve problems as and when they arise and let you focus on your growing business.

    • Reduced Costs

    Northern Star can help you keep your IT strategy in alignment with your overall business strategy. It helps to integrate IT infrastructure fully into your business process and helps you to invest in the right IT, thus avoiding spending resources on low-value activities.

    • Peace of Mind

    Businesses with a comprehensive computer network face the problem of computer and networks outages frequently, which causes missed-deadlines and customer dissatisfaction. Slow computer and network performance also affects productivity and increases the actual cost of projects you are undertaking for your clients.

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